Survey on a complete video of the XXX Tour 2017


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30 years of Deine-Lakaien band history in 180 minutes:
The XXX. Retrospective Tour now complete on DVD?

The rumours are true: For the Deine-Lakaien fanbase COLOUR-IZE the concert of the XXX-Jubilee-Tour 2017/18 in Hamburg was not only partly but completely recorded! The video was produced by former chrome label boss Carl Erling, who is now committed to Colour-ize. Executing producer is the well known Hamburg concert filmmaker Paddy Bernhard (Crazy Clip TV).

Excerpts from this concert have already been published on the DVD supplement of the Live Double CD 2018. There was a pleasing amount of approval for the video. Nevertheless, the wish was often expressed to be able to see the entire concert. Especially the solo pieces of HELIUM VOLA and VELJANOV were missed. In addition, the film material shown is not high-resolution and not surround due to the system, it was only a free supplement to the double CD. We also wondered if an almost 3-hours long concert DVD would be too much?

Your feedback on these questions arrived and we listened:

As Colour-ize for Deine Lakaien and of course for you and ourselves we want to invest more time and studio costs to cut the Hamburg concert in its entirety. Deine Lakaien, Helium Vola and Veljanov gave their consent and are looking forward with us to this mammoth project.

In order to determine first the interest more exactly, we would like to ask you to take part in the following inquiry. We would also like to know whether the project is financially viable, which budgets we can plan and whether Blu-ray or double-DVD are more suitable.

We would be very pleased about your participation (the survey does not oblige you to anything):

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