Requests for autographs

An Autograph from Deine Lakaien? Sure!

If you would like to have an autographed picture, please send a letter with your request to the following address:

Postfach 1104
26758 Hinte

The letter must contain:

  1. A selfaddressed envelope (size C6, 160 x 115 mm = 6.38 x 4.49 inch) – you can fold it to fit it into the other envelope.
  2. An IRC (International Reply Coupon, click for info). They are available in most countries of the world at the local post offices or by ordering them online at the post service´s homepage. If you have difficulties to get them, please contact your national post service.
  3. A short note telling us that you want to have an autograph and your email address for further inquiries if needed.

… Then you will get a Deine Lakaien postcard, signed by the band!


  • Please DO NOT send your autograph request as an email, but ONLY as a letter as explained above. Autographs cannot be sent out on email requests!
  • Max. 1 autograph per request.
  • Also please don´t send items to sign, they can not be handled and we can not send them back to you.
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Beispielbild: Foto auf der Autogrammkarte kann abweichen. Example: Photo on the postcard you receive can be different.