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New album "Dual+" - available now

DUAL+ available now

30 years after their foundation, Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov convince and surprise again and again how constantly they work on the highest level. In its past, the band has sold more than a million records.

The live performance of these on sold-out tours through large venues, upper concert halls and as headliner on several festivals enthralled audience and critics alike. In doing so, Deine Lakaien did not limit themselves to German-speaking countries but played as well in Europe, China and Russia in front of filled halls with overwhelming feedback.

DEINE LAKAIEN released 13 studio albums, and numerous singles, live albums and DVDs so far, all of which show the highest quality that the band strives to achieve with all their work and that is reached with surprising consistency. Besides the music and the concert experience, Deine Lakaien stand out with first-class videos and with surpassing artwork designed with loving attention to detail. During the past years, this brought them a faithful fan base that admires the meticulousness, which the band shows in composing and producing all songs by themselves.

Being icons of an avant-garde audience for a long time, Deine Lakaien outgrew the insider status long ago. They are a valuable constant of the German and European music business.

“Dual” and “Dual+”, by far the most elaborate studio album series in DEINE LAKAIEN’s 35-year history, is now available at your favourite music dealer and online.