Ernst Horn

Regular Member of Deine Lakaien

Ernst Horn
Keyboards, Production

Ernst Horn, a musician from Munich, studied piano, percussions, and conducting at the conservatories in Munich, Freiburg and Hamburg. He directed the orchestras of the theaters at Oldenburg and Karlsruhe and worked as a pianist and composer for theater at the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel (Bavarian state theater) in Munich.

He founded the band “Deine Lakaien” together with the singer and vocalist Alexander Veljanov from Berlin in 1985.

Ernst Horn played a crucial role in founding the bands Qntal and Helium Vola, where he combined new exciting electronic avant-garde, the instrumental and vocal art of the early music with lyrics mainly from the medieval period.

At the same time he also created soundtracks about the gulf war and the German reunification, which are audio collages about armament, futurism and monetarism and can be regarded as a unique combination of documentary, satire and music.

Furthermore, Ernst Horn, a pioneer of electronic music in Germany, works also successfully as remixer, producer of radio plays, and as musician and composer for theater music.

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ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Photo: Joerg Grosse Geldermann