1987 - The Lost Early Works

1987 - The Lost Early Works

Studio Album [publ. 2003], 1987

Demo-tape, 10/1987, First release as CD: 5/2003, Chrom Records

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1987 - The Lost Early Works

Perhaps, this is the album of Deine Lakaien with the highest ambitions. Obviously unimpressed by the meagre resonance with respect to their first album from 1986 they designed a conceptual work that deals with the essential themes around life and death.

Though the Duo explores the furthest limits of pop music here, the album contains two of their most successful songs: “Reincarnation” and “Love me to the end”. Since the production known as “silver tape” (“Silberne Kassette”) circulated for many year partially falsified, Deine Lakaien decided in 2003 to publish this work officially.

Deine Lakaien - 1987 - Special Edition

This is vintage material re-mastered & is most certainly a must for all D.L. fans. Included are the original versions of classics like "Day's Gone By", "Reincarnation", & "Love Me to the End" among other unorthodox triumphs such as "Death-Raft", "Mama, There's a Ghost", "Queue up for Redemption", "The Executioner", & "On the Way to Armada". Like a conquering sad king, Alexander Veljanov´s vocals are as brooding & overthrowing as ever, & the classically trained composer, Ernst Horn provides the timeless music & production that is so familiar in their strong musical body of work. They're an excellent example of mixing in classical music w/ Darkwave aesthetics where nothing is out of bounds for these elusive luminaries; Experimental, artistic, poetic, romantic, unnerving, & totally unique. By far, one of the greatest Goth bands ever but to pigeonhole them as such would be a crime because there's no one out there who sounds quite the same.

graveconcernsezine.com, USA

Wicked in parts, full of drama and expressionistic jitter this tape is far from the dark-pop that dominates today´s style of Deine Lakaien. Even though they keep a small niche for experiments and exhalations: “1987-The Lost Early Works” takes the cake. Those, who are only acquainted with the more recent works, will be surprised by the theatrics of this art project that perhaps asks too much from one or the other. “1987-The Lost Early Works” does not serve a simple dish but a lot of treats carrying the rough charm of the early days with them.

NOTES Musikmagazin (translation from German)

Known as "silver tape" the old chrome tape has been released 16 years late as silver disc and I am only left saying “Wow!”. Besides "Reincarnation", "Love Me To The End", and "Days gone by" that remain the absolute favorites and hits of the band, mainly the experimental compositions present a so far unknown, almost nasty and grungy edge of Deine Lakaien. "Death raft" for example is strongly influenced be the new wave of the 80ies and now at last it will be given the honors on the dance floor that this title deserved since long ago. "On The Way To Narmada" is one of my all-time favorites of Deine Lakaien. Typical Horn-sounds, the deep voice of Veljanov and a song structure striving irresistibly toward the climax make this song a masterpiece. But also tracks like "Queue Up For Redemption", "Mama, There`s A Ghost" and "Flowers Of Love" possess their own almost irresistible charm. The “silver tape” is a must for Lakaien-fans, since one can discover a new perspective on one’s favorites. Simply swell since 1987!

ORKUS Musikmagazin (translation from German)

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Track list

  • Queue up for Redemption
  • Battle of the Ghost
  • Days Gone By
  • Reincarnation
  • Flowers of Love
  • Mama, There's a Ghost
  • Love Me to the End
  • The Pope
  • Death-Raft
  • The Executioner
  • On the Way to Narmada

Discography - "1987 - The Lost Early Works" Studio Album [publ. 2003] (1987)