Forest Enter Exit - Live

Forest Enter Exit - Live-Video

VHS-Video, 1995

VHS cassette, 10/1994, classX/Chrom Records

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Band, Live

Forest Enter Exit - Live

Recording of the concert from the Festhalle Durlach in Karlsruhe on 10.12.1993 with very high quality of sound and picture on VHS cassette regarding the time!

The atmosphere of this successful tour is excellently captured here. Particular attention should be payed to the dramatic composition of the concert with its daring collages of sound, the varied instrumentation, and the generally praised visual aesthetics of stage and light design.

Track list

  • Walk to the moon (Live-Version)
  • Don't wake me up (Live-Version)
  • Love will not die (Live-Version)
  • Forest (Live-Version)
  • Brainfic (Live-Version)
  • Days gone by (Live-Version)
  • Mirror men (Live-Version)
  • Frühlingstraum (Live-Version)
  • Mindmachine (Live-Version)
  • Resurrection machine (Live-Version)
  • Love me to the end (Live-Version)
  • Follow me (Live-Version)
  • Dark Star (Live-Version)

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