2nd Star

2nd Star

Mini Album, 1991

10/1991, classX/Chrom Records

 Tags: Electronic Duo

2nd Star

It was supposed to be the single related to the successful album “Dark Star”, however, Deine Lakaien showed their originality here as well:

Only two stand-alone versions of „Love Me To The End“ and „Ulysses“ added to four new songs did not form a single but a mini-album lasting half an hour. While „My Decision“ and „Your Decision“ contained Rave Pop elements from those days, the ballades “Traitors” and especially “Lonely” the reputation of Deine Lakaien as protagonists of melancholic tunes. In the cause of a new release “2nd Star” became part of the double CD „Dark Star&2nd Star“.

Track list

  • Tracks:
  • My decision
  • Lonely
  • Love me to the End (2nd mix, Clubversion)
  • Traitors
  • Your decision
  • Ulysses (2nd mix)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Photos by Jörg Staeger

Discography - "2nd Star" Mini Album (1991)