Forest Enter Exit

Forest Enter Exit

Studio album, 1993

9/1993, classX/Chrom Records

 Tags: Electronic Duo

Forest Enter Exit

The concept album about virtual worlds, in the real world for the first time in the album charts.

Without doubts a surprising and gratifying success for an Independent Label as „classX“ (1996 renamed „Chrom Records“)! The topic “virtual reality” does not only evoke cyber worlds as in the soft “Mindmachine” and in the high-speed techno of “Resurrection Machine”, but also the human worlds of emotion as illusions reflecting the individual on itself again and again. “Forest”, as song about a vain attempt to escape into a dream word and “Contact” that describes the pointless effort of making contact with a remote civilization are impres-sive examples for this. Perhaps this is the most emotional album of Deine Lakaien its sound being described as especially lush and gloomy.

1st Edition as luxury edition, beautifully designed! Hand crafted japanese style paperfold design with magneric closure:

Deine Lakaien - Forest Enter Exit - Special Edition

Track list

  • Contact
  • Forest
  • Mindmachine
  • Resurrection Machine
  • Nightmare
  • Follow Me
  • Brain Fic
  • Don't wake me up
  • The walk to the moon
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Title/Montage: Carl Erling; Live Fotos: Rudi Schäble

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