Where You Are & In The Chains Of #2

Where You Are & In The Chains Of (MCD #2)

MCD, 2002

11/2002, Columbia/Sony Music

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Studio Guests

Where You Are & In The Chains Of #2

The second part of the double single (30 minutes playing time!) with remixes in great stylistic variety.

Besides „Where You Are“ and the following „In The Chains Of“ that features the new guest musicians Ivee Leon (Yvonne Fechner) and Sharifa (Katharina Garrard) as vocalists, this second single release shows a broad spectrum of remixes of the title song. Scene-affine by Deine Lakaien and VNV- Nation, but also a House track of the Minimal Techno project from Cologne „The Modernist“, and a poetic club version by Sascha Israel and Elvis Raschidi.

Track list

  • Where You Are [Single Edit]
  • In the Chains of (Practical Constraint)
  • Where You Are [Club Version]
  • Where You Are [VNV-Nation Remix]
  • Where You Are* [Zoek Remix by The Modernist]
  • Where You Are [Memphis Remix]

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