Generators MCD

MCD, 2001

10/2001, Columbia/Sony Music

 Tags: Electronic Duo


„Generators“, the song about warmth and affection within a far-east sounding rhythm design, is presented here in two versions, the track from the album and a more “dry” mixed long version. The secret hit of this single, however, is the song “Maybe” that would have fitted perfectly to the following album “White Lies” for sure. An experimental and the title of the song appropriately resounding tough version of „Life Is (a sexually transmitted disease)“ locates the single within the “Lakaien-typical” balance.

Deine Lakaien - Generators

Track list

  • Generators (Single Version)
  • May Be
  • Life is...
  • Generators (Club Version)
  • Multimedia Track (Generators-Video)

Discography - "Generators" MCD (2001)