Studio Album, 2010

(9/2010, Embassy of Music, CD standard album, double album „Limited Edition“), 2Vinyl

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Band


Designated by journalists and fans to be the best album of Deine Lakaien since „Dark Star“ and particular extensively designed in the „Limited Edition“.

Indeed, the lead time for „Indicator“ was one of the most productive phase in the history of the band that resulted in numerous songs, many of which have an apparently political content like „Europe“, „Immigrant“ and „Alabama“. But „Lakaien-humor“ was not forgotten either as proven by the elegy on Ernst Jünger „The Old Man is Dead“. A remix of “Gone” and tree “acoustic live versions” complete the fifteen songs of the “Limited Edition”. The double-booklet manufactured from especially high-quality paper comprises fifty pages and includes besides the lyrics countless photos that were taken during the recording of the video. The members of the live-band contributed to this album as well with violins, guitar and cello.

Video for the song GONE from dem album INDICATOR. They were 2 videos produced for this song: WHITE CLIP & BLACK CLIP.
Concept and direction: Joerg Grosse Geldermann, Production: GUCC Film

Track list

  • One Night
  • Who'll Save Your World
  • Gone
  • Immigrant
  • Blue Heart
  • Europe
  • Along Our Road
  • Withour Your Words
  • Six O'Clock
  • Go Away Bad Dreams
  • On Your Stage Again
  • The Old Man Is Dead
  • CD2: Young 2010
  • Spring will come
  • Alabama
  • Gone (Platform Mix)
  • One Night (Acoustic live)
  • Who'll save your world (acoustic live)
  • A Fish called Prince (acoustic live)
  • Gone (Video Clip White)
  • Gone (Video Clip Black)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Joerg Grosse Geldermann

Discography - "Indicator" Studio Album (2010)