Ivee Leon

Live Member of Deine Lakaien

Ivee Leon
Violin, backing vocals

Since the “White Lies”-tour in 2002, Ivee Leon (Ivonne Fechner) supports Deine Lakaien with violin and backing vocals, also on the following tours “April Skies”, “20 Years of Electronic Avantgarde” with the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, , “European Best of”„ and “Indicator”. Furthermore, she contributed to the studio recordings of “April Skies” and “Indicator”.

Ivee Leon lives in Berlin and studied violin and singing at the “Hanns Eisler” college of music. During her studies, she already started to work together with well-known artists, bands and music producers.

In 2002, she founded the company “seitenstrasse” together with Bodo Kommnick specializing on arrangements and recordings for strings in music and film productions. Furthermore, the two artists are touring with their pop-project “Blackbird” after releasing an EP in 2014.

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