Igor Zotik

Special Guest of Deine Lakaien

Igor Zotik
Piano, keyboards, backing vocals

Graduated Music Theory and Pedagogy at the Music Academy in Skopje, Macedonia.
He actively plays piano and synthesizers are his passion since earliest childhood.

In 2007 he joins the cabaret project of Goran Trajkoski, ‘’Circo Europia’’, performing on electric organs and keyboards. A year later, he was part of Alexander Veljanov’s “Porta Macedonia” tour, performing on keyboards. Igor works as a DJ, creates and produces electronic dance music and has published several digital releases for some of the established European music labels.

He lives in Berlin and is part of the band for Deine Lakaien’s “XXX The 30 Years Retrospective Tour’’ 2017.

On tour with Deine Lakaien

  • "XXX - The 30 Years"-Tour 2017

Appearing on productions