Alexander Veljanov

Regular Member of Deine Lakaien

Alexander Veljanov
Main Vocals

Alexander Veljanov, singer, lyricist, and songwriter with German and Macedonian roots, studied dramatics and film studies in Munich and Berlin.

As a freshman he founded the band Deine Lakaien in 1985 together with keyboarder and producer Ernst Horn that was going to become his focus of activity. In 1991 he finished his studies and stopped his past work at the theater (amongst others at Staatsoper München, Mythos Berlin) to concentrate completely on the career with DEINE LAKAIEN.

He started a successful solo career with his project VELJANOV in 1998 with various albums and many concerts.

Furthermore, in the years 1987 to 1994 he was vocalist in various bands from Berlin, e.g., RUN RUN VANGUARD, with whom he published the debut album “Suck Success” in 1993.

Moreover, Alexander Veljanov was and still acts as guest vocalist in different projects and bands.

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ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Photo: Joerg Grosse Geldermann