Maxi-CD, 2010

(9/2010, Embassy of Music)

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Band


In the second that could have changed the live where the crucial words did not come. “Gone”…..

The secret love told in a hesitant 5/4 beat, the revolt and the melancholic resignation, a new song after five years, during which some fans already suspected the orchestra concerts to be the conclusion of the project. “Kraken” raging against the omnipotence of Silicon Valley, the playful „Fish“ and the „Gotra“ - remix of the title song by Goran Trajkoski, prove the unbroken vitality of Deine Lakaien. Furthermore, the single contains the two different, black&white, video clips of „Gone“.

Discography - "Gone" Maxi-CD (2010)