MCD, 1994

2/1994, classX/Chrom Records

 Tags: Electronic Duo


This release as well was no appetizer, but the attempt to realize an independent concept.

The reason for this was a video shooting for the song Mindmachine that is found here in its version edited for this occasion. It is followed by the machine-like „Song for a mad choire singer“ with fast recitative singing and by „Madiel“, a dreamy song that quickly advanced to a secret hit amongst the fans. The maxi single is closed by a psychedelic sounding long version of the title song the intro of which, a sequence with female voice, got snitched by MTV to accentuate concert announcements. Meanwhile, the single “Mindmachine” is part of the double CD „Forest Enter Exit&Mindmachine“.

'Madiel', a dramatic and melancholic ballad with beautiful harps and string arrangements, again proves that Deine Lakaien are the kings of dark electronics.


Track list

  • Mindmachine (video edit)
  • Song for a mad choir singer
  • Madiel
  • Mindmachine (long version)

Discography - "Mindmachine" MCD (1994)