Acoustic II

Acoustic II

Live Album, 2013

(8/2014, Chrom Records/Soulfood)

 Tags: Acoustic Performance, Live

Acoustic II

Revival of a performance concept that can be claimed to be a unique characteristic of Deine Lakaien.

With the exception of two concerts in 2001, Deine Lakaien had not been heard “acoustic” since 1995. The decision to give again concerts as duo with prepared grand piano turned out be an excellent choice. In contrast to general complains about a more and more unfocused audience at pop concerts, here the silence was spellbound during the music, while after the songs collective enthusiasm went off. This CD documents performances between 2010 and 2012, the song selection is restricted to songs composed after 1995 that are therefore not present on the predecessor. „Acoustic II“ was released within the framework of a crowd funding. Afterwards, Soulfood took over the distribution.

Track list

  • One night
  • Gone
  • Fighting the green
  • The game
  • Without your words
  • Over and done
  • Vivre
  • Overpaid
  • Where you are
  • Return
  • Manastir Baroue
  • Wunderbar
  • Heart made to be mine
  • Away
  • Blue heart
  • Bei Nacht

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