Dark Star Live

Dark Star Live

Live album, 1992

10/1992, classX/Chrom Records

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Band, Live

Dark Star Live

The documentation of the first performances of Deine Lakaien that came as a big surprise to their fans. The electronics were not taken from the box but indeed played live.

As the desire for live-performances grew stronger and stronger, Deine Lakaien, who originally understood themselves as pure studio project, realized that they had to develop a new concept for this. With the violinist Christian Komorowski and the multi-instrumentalist Michael Popp as partners, the songs literally got “newly assembled”. Especially the combination of medieval instruments like hurdy-gurdy and fiddle with modern but hand-played electronics was an absolute novelty in those days. This idea for concerts was enthusiastically received which can be clearly heard on the album!

Deine Lakaien create new dimensions of aesthetics. The real acoustic instruments they're using on stage and the electronics fuse into a bombastic modern sound construction.


Track list

  • Colour-ize (live)
  • Love will not die (live)
  • Made in heaven (live)
  • Days gone by (live)
  • Love me to the end (live)
  • Frühlingstraum (live)
  • The night of love (live)
  • Mirror men (live)
  • Down down down (live)
  • Dark Star (live)
  • Traitors (live)
  • Reincarnation (live)
  • Ulysses (live)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Titelfoto: Joerg Staeger (Bearbeitung Carl Erling)

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