Christian Komorowski

Former Live Member of Deine Lakaien

Christian Komorowski

Christian Komorowski (violin) accompanied Deine Lakaien together with Michael Popp (electric guitar, medieval instruments) as live-musician during the first live-decade of the band and complemented their live-sound with classic-folk string parts. Furthermore, he contributed to the studio album “Kasmodiah”.

During this time, Christian Komorowski hat his own, highly recognzied band “Das Holz”: He thrilled audiences and critis alike with a minimalistic, song-like sound created using only 2 violins and a drum kit on three studio albums (Trikont Records / Chrom Records) and on several tours.

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On tour with Deine Lakaien

  • "Dark Star"-Tour 1992/93
  • "Forst Enter Exi"-Tour 1993/94
  • "Winter Fish Testosterone"-Tour 1996
  • "Kasmodiah"-Tour 1999

Appearing on productions