Return (MCD)

MCD, 1999

3/1999, Columbia/Sony Music

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Band


The most successful song of the 2nd decade was present on the music channels with expensive illustration, but also this single offers exclusive material:

The song “Indigo Man” is a composition by Alexander Veljanov that solely consists of recordings of his voice. Furthermore, the single contains a live recording of “My Decision”, and of course two versions of the title song that describes the return of a person full of doubts relating to the Odyssey by Homer.

Peppered with elaborate sound aesthetic, Ernst Horn (electronics) and Alexander Veljanov (vocals) combine subtlety, harmony, and timelessness in a way that sadness and the zest for live are well balanced. The irresistible melody of “Return” covers the comfortable ballade-darkness with a romantic flair and leads into a unique world of sound. MAXI TIP OF THE MONTH

Aktiv Musikmagazin (translation from German)

The long expectation for a proof of live from a real existing band could hardly be surpassed in the case of Deine Lakaien. This band became a living legend. "Return" redeems those waiting. No one, who ever came to like this band, is going to be disappointed. This single is a pearl of fragile beauty. It is dominated by the well-known dark prevailing mood from which a deep melancholy enfolds on a solemn beat crying out yearningly. (translation from German)

Track list

  • Return (edit)
  • Return (extended version)
  • Indigo Man 1
  • My decision (Live, Dark Star Tour '92, Live in Munich)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Titelfoto: Markus Rock

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