April Skies

April Skies

Studio Album, 2005

3/2005, Capitol Records/Emi Music

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Band

April Skies

New colors with the live musicians in the studio, new paths in the lyrics and one chanson.

After the introverted „White Lies“, Deine Lakaien announced a “proactive” album and thus it is apparently no accident that the desolate “Falling” hid on a limited special edition, while the opener „Over and Done“ quickly developed into a club hit. More prominent for many fans, however, were the backing vocals, the violins, the guitar and the cello on the recordings, as well as the symbolic French poetry of “Vivre” by Alexander Veljanov. Unusual are also the surreal lyrics of „Supermarket“ and „Dialectic“, while „Through the Hall“ and „Midnight Sun“ continue the pleasure of the rough guitar riff that Deine Lakaien feel since the legendary „Dark Star“.

Limited Special Edition incl. Bonustrack

Track list

  • Over and Done
  • Slowly Comes My Night
  • Secret Hideaway
  • Supermarket (My Angel)
  • Midnight Sun
  • Satellite
  • Take a Chance
  • Heart Made to Be Mine
  • Vivre
  • When You Lose
  • Through the Hall
  • Dialectic

Discography - "April Skies" Studio Album (2005)