Live in Concert

Live in Concert ("White Lies"-Tour) - Live-Album

2CD-/4LP-Box, 2003

11/2003, Columbia/Sony Music, 2 CD

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Band, Live

Live in Concert

Recording of the White Lies Tour with new line-up, strings and piano take turns with electronics and electric guitar.

After ten years of successful live performances, Deine Lakaien wanted to change the stage concept along with the new album. With Ivee Leon and Katharina Garrard, two exceptional violinists and singers joined the live band. Deine Lakaien already new the cellist b.deutung and the guitar player Robert Wilcocks from their bands „Inchtaboktables“ and „Sleeping Dogs Wake“, respectively. For the first time, an acoustic piano was brought on stage for the „Electronic“ –shows, so that unplugged versions of some songs could be played together with the strings. This double-album documents the recording of a performance in Potsdam, November 2002.

Also relased on vinyl: The Limited Edition Vinyl Box includes all track on 4 LPs and is strictly limited to 500 pieces.

Track list

  • Colour-Ize
  • Generators
  • Kiss the future
  • In the chains of (practical constraint)
  • Where you are
  • Return
  • Wunderbar
  • The mirror men
  • Love me to the end
  • Silence in your eyes
  • Manastir Baroue, Kiss
  • Don't wake me up
  • Overpaid
  • Cupid’s disease
  • Rain dance
  • Dark star
  • May be
  • Reincarnation/Life is (a sexually transmitted disease)
  • Sometimes
  • Stupid, The game (acoustic) [BONUS]

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