The Concert That Never Happened Before

The Concert That Never Happened Before (Live-DVD)

Live DVD, 2006

1/2006, Chrom Records, DVD, limited

 Tags: Electronic Duo, Live

The Concert That Never Happened Before

Recording of a singular and legendary performance, the “postponed concert” from the beginnings of Deine Lakaien.

The task that originated from a marketing idea of the record company was as fascinating as laborious: Old devices had to be relocated and reactivated, the material reviewed and restored, and a novel stage concept to be developed: Deine Lakaien, live as electronic-duo, with songs from the years 1984 to 1987! Luckily, the old equipment worked perfectly well and the euphoria of the audience is authentically captured on the professionally produced DVD.

Unfortunately, this image-audio recording was self-released in limited numbers. Therefore, it was quickly sold-out is not commercially available anymore.

Track list

  • Nobody's Wounded (live)
  • Colour-Ize (live)
  • Love Will Not Die (live)
  • Fashion, Passion And Pigaches (live)
  • Wasted Years (live)
  • Bells of Another Land (live)
  • Night of Love (live)
  • Traitors (live)
  • The Pope (live)
  • Reincarnation (live)
  • Battle of the Ghosts (live)
  • Dark Star (live)
  • Made in Heaven (live)
  • Love Me to the End (live)
  • On the Way to Narmada (live)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Photos by Steven Riou and Bianca Frohard

Discography - "The Concert That Never Happened Before" Live DVD (2006)