First Decade

First Decade (Video Collection)

Video Collection, VHS, 1996

1996, Chrom Records

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Band, Acoustic Performance, Live

First Decade

A collection of important video clips and live videos from the first ten years of Deine Lakaien.

Includes the “Mindmachine Videoclip” (previously separably available) and many of their other hit songs, either live with band, “acoustic”, or in very Bauhaus-like atmospheric clips.


Track list

  • Colour-Ize (Clip, R. Frin Parado)
  • Mirror men (Live '93)
  • Reincarnation (Acoustic live '92)Dark Star (Clip, R. Frin Parado)
  • The walk to the moon (Live '93)
  • Contact (Live '93)
  • Don't wake me up (Acoustic live '95)
  • Forest (Live '93)
  • Mindmachine (Clip, R. Nico Beyer)
  • Mirror men (Acoustic live '95)
  • Resurrection machine (Live '93)
  • Follow me (Acoustic live '95)
  • Madiel (Acoustic live '95)

Discography - "First Decade" Video Collection, VHS (1996)