Dark Star

Dark Star

Studio album, 1991

2/1991, classX/Chrom Records

 Tags: Electronic Duo

Dark Star

The first album with a record deal at classX Records, the breakthrough for Deine Lakaien, for their fans the classic as such and until today the bestselling back catalog release of the label!

Six years after the foundation of the band, Carl Erling (classX Records, later Chrom Records) was found as a partner for the official release. The decision was not to publish the “silver tape” (“1987”) but extracting three songs from it for a new album: „Days Gone By“, „Reincarnation“, and „Love Me To The End“. From the rocking opener „Dark Star“, through the soft „Frühlingstraum“ that relates to the song with the same title by Franz Schubert, to “Ulysses” sinking into a sea of sounds the songs deal with the futile and self-destructive search for love. In addition to the - for the musicians as well as for the label - surprising success, many songs quickly appeared in insider clubs.

Irresistible melodies, a striking, sensitive and impressive singer and thought-out arrangements.


Track list

  • Dark Star
  • Reincarnation
  • Down down down
  • Frühlingstraum
  • Love me to the end
  • Made in heaven
  • Days gone by (CD- Bonus Track)
  • The night of love
  • Ulysses extended (CD- Bonus Track)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Photography - Jörg Staeger

Discography - "Dark Star" Studio album (1991)