Where You Are & In The Chains Of #1

Where You Are & In The Chains Of (MCD #1)

MCD, 2002

11/2002, Columbia/Sony Music

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Band

Where You Are & In The Chains Of #1

The first part of a double-release around the song about a tragic event that affects the world until today.

„Where You Are“ emerged spontaneously during the last days of the production of „White Lies“. The song compassionately describes an individual fate after the attacks of September 11th. In contrast, the following „In The Chains Of“ produced for the single is a sarcastic comment to the subject “practical constrains”, while „Rain Dance„ shows the poetic side of Alexander Veljanov’s lyrics. A remix of „Prayer“, and the acoustic-live version of the title song conclude the maxi single.

Track list

  • Where You Are [Single Edit]
  • In the Chains of (Practical Constraint)
  • Where You Are [Club Version]
  • Where You Are [VNV-Nation Remix]
  • Where You Are* [Zoek Remix by The Modernist]
  • Where You Are [Memphis Remix]

Discography - "Where You Are & In The Chains Of #1" MCD (2002)