Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace

Studio Album, 2014

(8/2014, Chrom Records/Soulfood, CD, as „Special Edition“ (also „Digipack Edition“) incl. 3 bonus tracks),2Vinyl(incl.CD), 2YellowVinyl

 Tags: Electronic Duo

Crystal Palace

Though produced using electronics only again, Crystal Palace shows clear influences from folk music.

Though “Farewell”, the most successful song of this album, developed into a club hit, Crystal Palace is dominated by more fragile sounds in songs about silent affection and isolation with thematic references to old folk songs in „Those Hills“ and the meditative „Pilgrim“, a canon that concludes the “Special Edition”. As always, Deine Lakaien do also give these subjects an ironic twist like in the mocking „Why the Stars“. In “Where the winds don’t blow” it becomes emotional and intimate, but also socially relevant.The title song „Crystal Palace“ on the other hand is a colorful tribute to the Golden Sixties in both music and lyrics. And the longtime enthusiast of the music of Deine Lakaien will be able to discover entirely new colors within the vocal performance of Alexander Veljanov.

CD Digipack & 3 bonus-tracks, Special Edition Metal Box, Yellow Vinyl Edition

Track list

  • Nevermore
  • Farewell
  • Forever and a Day
  • The Ride
  • Where the Winds don't Blow
  • Crystal Palace
  • Why the Stars
  • The Lights of our Street
  • Those Hills
  • Eternal Sun

Discography - "Crystal Palace" Studio Album (2014)