1st Album / Same

Deine Lakaien (First Album)

Studio album, 1986

Vinyl, 5/1986 self-distributed. Re-release as CD 10/1991, Gymnastic Records

 Tags: Electronic Duo

1st Album / Same

500 LPs in the cellar at home, a debut almost in camera.

The debut album was published and self-distributed after one year of production in Ernst Horn’s studio in the living room. It already shows clearly the characteristics of Deine Lakaien: Alexander Veljanov’s distinct voice, experimental synthesizer sounds, and unusual harmonic sequences that support the dominating melancholic mood of the songs. Back then, the album remained unnoticed to a large extent. Only the opener “Colour-ize” was exchanged among Djs, who thereby laid the foundation for the later success of the project.

The album is marked by a variety of ideas, and a wide spectrum of means of expression, which make the music very lively, sometimes nervous and torn, then again enticing, fragile and sensitive.


Track list

  • Colour-ize
  • Love will not die
  • Nobody's wounded
  • The mirror men
  • The dive
  • Fashion passion and pigaches
  • Wasted years
  • Bells of another land

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