Live Album, 1995

7/1995, classX/Chrom Records

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A performance by chance develops into a success story with numerous concerts, here documented from the year 1995.

In 1992, Deine Lakaien were invited to a benefit concert that they thought to be a small-scale favor. Therefore, they planned a simple variant as a duo. The “party” turned out be a festival, the performance a resounding success! Since then, “Acoustic” concerts happen on a regular base to the delight of the fans as can be heard on the recording. Alexander Veljanov presents the songs “pure” and in all nuances accompanied by Ernst Horn, who prepares the grand piano on this occasion. This technique has been used in avant-garde music since quite some time and is here adapted for a live concert with its fast varying moods. Among the many “unplugged” versions doubtless unique!

Deine Lakaien - Acoustic 95 - Special Edition
1st edition special edition

“Acoustic” is one of the few live albums, that make it into the German Media Control charts until then, amazing even experts.

Surround-Mastering All 15 song-recordings are in excellent digital live quality.

And this is how everything began – from this radio-ffn festival performance with an improvised “Acoustic” gig a whole tour originated…and finally a celebrated live-album!

Braunschweiger Zeitung, 16 th April,1992 (translation from German)

Festival of Darkness III in Hannover
Deine Lakaien set standards

The dark star shines brightest

HANNOVER After the telephone lines of Isernhagen where hot from the calls of many fans protesting against the cancellation of the “Grenzwellen” shown of Radio ffn, a victory celebration took place in the Music Hall in Hannover. Hosts usually keep the highlight of a show until the end. This festival, however, had a spectacular beginning: Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov alias Deine Lakaien entered the stage bringing along only a piano. At least after “Reincarnation” the audience was completely captured. Ernst Horn replaced a whole orchestra with his piano and Veljanov enchanted everybody with his magnificent voice, no whistling, no talking interrupted their performance. The other bands of the evening had to match the standard set by their encore, the hymn “Dark Star” …….

Listening to these 15 pieces, you are enthrilled by Alexander Veljanov's sonorous, vibrating voice, and realize what furious pianist Ernst Horn is.

AZ München

Fascinating. I haven't seen an audience concentrated like this at a pop concert for a long time.

Stuttgarter Zeitung

Track list

  • Love me to the end ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Lonely ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Down down down ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Mindmachine ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Nobody's wounded ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Mirror men ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Walk to the moon ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Wasted years ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • 2nd sun ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Don't wake me up ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Follow me ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Madiel ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Dark star ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Traitors ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Resurrection machine ("Acoustic"-Version)

RPS Circle Surround

ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Title potos and "couch" foto by Fred Stichnoth

Discography - "Acoustic" Live Album (1995)

Alexander Veljanov, Ernst Horn (Deine Lakaien)

Deine Lakaien - “Acoustic Tour” CD - Original image for the cover (© Fred Stichnoth)