Into My Arms

Into My Arms (MCD)

MCD, 1999

10/1999, Columbia/Sony Music

 Tags: Electronic Duo, with Band

Into My Arms

The first remix of a song by Deine Lakaien and the first cover song in the history of the band.

„Into My Arms“, a song about the loss of ideals caused by external constrains is presented here as a club remix by Derek von Krogh in addition to the original version. The cover „We Don’t Need That Fascist Grove Thang“, a well-known song of the English band Heaven 17, fulfilled – also thanks to the always up-to-date lyrics - a heart’s desire of the band that they have had for a long time. And „2nd Sun“, that so far was only available as acoustic recording on a Lakaien album, was finally released in the studio version.

Track list

  • Into my arms (Derek von Krogh remix)
  • Into my arms (Original Mix)
  • 2nd Sun (Studio Version)
  • We don't need this fascist groove thing
  • Bonus 2 'Into my arms' Video Clips (CD-Extra)

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