Michael Popp

Former Live Member of Deine Lakaien

Michael Popp
E-guitar, mediaval instruments

Michael Popp (electric guitar, medieval instruments: oud, hurdy-gurdy, fidel, shawm) was live-musician with Deine Lakaien together with Chrisian Komorowski and also contributed to the studio album “Kasmodiah”. He complemented the classical electronic sound of Deine Lakaien on stage with delicate medieval sounds and driving parts with electric guitar.

Michael Popp is an aknowledged specialist for medieval music, who strives for a modern presentation of medieval music reaching a new audience. His bands and ensembles are (amongst others) Estampie (MusiContact, Chrom Records) and Qntal (Drakkar / Soulfood, Chrom Records).

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On tour with Deine Lakaien

  • "Dark Star"-Tour 1992/93
  • "Forst Enter Exi"-Tour 1993/94
  • "Winter Fish Testosterone"-Tour 1996
  • "Kasmodiah"-Tour 1999

Appearing on productions