Live in Concert LIVE


Ludwigsburg · 29.10.2022


Dual-Tour 2022
with Band
Showtime: 19:30


Presented by Sonic Seducer

Dear friends,

as you can see, we will be on tour in October and November 2021 and this time again in beautiful concert halls. The reason for this will be a new studio album, on which we have been working for quite some time. Since the album title and the artwork are always determined last with us, we have unfortunately still no tour motto and no pictures for the announcement. So let us surprise you! As far as the album is concerned, we can at least report here that it will probably be the most extensive production we have ever made. So if you buy a ticket for the Christmas gift table, hopefully we can give you the anticipation for upcoming surprises. We are looking forward to the album, to the concerts and to you!

Yours, Deine Lakaien,

Ernst and Alexander

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