Fourth Single “RUN”


Fourth Single “RUN”

The first pair of singles taken from the upcoming DEINE LAKAIEN double studio album “Dual” consisted of the interpretation of the 1978 Bruce Springsteen / Patti Smith evergreen “Because The Night” and the corresponding original composition “Because Of Because”. Deine Lakaien then followed up with their take on The Cure’s classic “The Walk” which is now being complimented by the release of the corresponding original composition “Run”.

With “Run”, the fourth “Dual” appetizer, it is simply fun to establish a reference to the aforementioned “The Walk” within the first minimalist synth chords, only to then watch in amazement how the song develops into something completely independent and creatively entirely different.

Even more than in the idiosyncratic arrangements of songs by other artists, the legendary German duo, made up of such different charismatic individuals, proves to be masters of their craft in their own compositions yet again, as they take up musical and textual markings on the cover templates and beautiful songs in an almost playful way create that are hardly inferior to the often famous foreign compositions.

“’Run’ was supposed to refer musically to ‘The Walk’ directly from the start, as you can certainly hear from the very simple synthesizer intro. Here, too, the joy in using my vintage sweethearts from the 70s and early 80s was great, although this time the musical increases were made from verse to verse”, Ernst explains the musical approach of “Run”. “For us, it was a look into our own New Wave past with its typical minimal motifs and sequences.”

Alexander’s lyrics took on the Robert Smith-inspired motif of a walk in unusual surroundings, and not only increased the pace of movement, but also shifted the ambience into more disturbing dimensions. “Ernst’s music for this song was stylistically based on the time when the The Cure song was written, and I tried to write lyrics that come close to the aesthetics of ‘The Walk’. A story that at best recalls the mood of Jean Cocteau or Luis Bunuel movies”, Alexander summarizes the atmosphere of “Run”.

With this atmospheric up-tempo track, Deine Lakaien should not only inspire dark-clad dance freaks, but also underline their musical diversity once again, which they live out to their fullest potential on “Dual” (due to be released on 04/16/2021).


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