Fifth Single “Dust In The Wind”


Fifth Single “Dust In The Wind”

After four singles, which had already outlined the concept of an album with cover versions and a corresponding album with original compositions, now the fifth single, taken from the forthcoming “Dual” double album, see its light of day: “Dust in the Wind”.

Above all, Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov, with their interpretation of the Kansas evergreen from 1977, make it clear how broad the musical spectrum will be on “Dual”.

Even if the original versions of the previously published cover songs were only released six years apart from each other – from “Dust In The Wind” to “Because The Night” by Patti Smith (and Bruce Springsteen) from 1978 to “The Walk” by The Cure in the year 1983 –, there are musical worlds between the individual compositions that are not necessarily associated with Deine Lakaien.

After the more classic American songwriter Rock anthem “Because The Night”, Deine Lakaien have most likely plowed their own field between Dark Wave, Gothic and Electro-Pop with “The Walk”, before they now with return to melodic US Rock with “Dust In The Wind”, which in this case still breathes the psychedelic atmosphere of the flower power era. In the adaptation by Deine Lakaien, this is primarily reflected by the reduced instrumentation and the acoustic intro, before Alexander picks up on the everyday atmosphere with his dreamy melancholy singing and Ernst finally completes this with his playful electronics into a very own Deine-Lakaien piece. Thanks to his comparatively sparing instrumentation, Alexander’s extraordinary singing skills come into their own even more than with other pieces on the upcoming album.

“It’s a song that I loved to sing when I was young, without listening to Kansas particularly regularly at the time. In the end it was crucial to try the interpretation without thinking too much about how I should put it on vocally,” explains Alexander, what made him choose this Pop classic. “The gut feeling during the vocal recording was very positive from the start, certainly also because of the very beautiful arrangement.”

His long-time musical partner Ernst is more than happy to take the ball thrown to him, and in this case he was particularly pleased that Alexander had such a “relaxed approach to the songs of the sixties and seventies”. For the musically experimental composer and sound tinkerer, the piece was actually too pleasant, so that he never wanted to admit that he already liked “Dust In The Wind” back then.

“As always, I tried to keep the structure, the sequence of verse, bridge and chorus of the original, to dress the song in our clothes, so to speak, and of course to take certain liberties in the instrumental parts, i.e. in this case I tried with short motifs to build a way up in counter-rhythms, into a bright sphere of sound, for the last verse,” says Ernst, explaining his approach of pouring the piece into a form that is typical of Deine Lakaien. “Anyone who knows Deine Lakaien well will surely always discover a love, perhaps sometimes hidden, for folky harmonies and melodies in us and in our work. In this respect, ‘Dust In The Wind‘ was a very obvious choice.”

With “Dust In The Wind”, Deine Lakaien present a particularly finely cut mosaic stone from their eagerly awaited double album “Dual” (due out: April 16, 2021), which has many more surprises in store that even long-time fans of the duo do not have should expect.


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