Sixth Single “Unknown Friend”


Sixth Single “Unknown Friend”

After the two double single constellations, in which the Patti Smith/Bruce Springsteen cover of “Because The Night” was followed by the Deine Lakaien track “Because Of Because” and “The Walk” by The Cure by the own Horn/Veljanov composition “Run”, the third double is now completed with “Unknown Friend”, which ties in with the interpretation of the Kansas hit “Dust In The Wind”.

Similar to the previous pairings, you quickly discover the direct relationship between the cover version and the original composition. The dreamy, very minimalist orchestrated and folky adaptation of the ingratiating Kansas classic from 1977 can be found in the ethereally strange instrumentation of “Unknown Friend”, and Alexander’s vocal arrangement is also based on the original song with dreamy melancholy.

“I decided very quickly to write this new song as a counterpart to ‘Dust In The Wind’”, explains Alexander. “The topic connects both, the question of what remains in the end, what and how we have lived, and how and where we will experience the result of our being.”

Ernst has immortalized this existentialist message in a wonderful song, the arrangement of which skillfully links a bridge between familiar acoustic sounds of a long forgotten, perhaps also romantically transfigured time with modern electronic sounds, which is focused, despite all the playful eccentricity that shines through again and again, entirely on the finely spun melody..

“’Unknown Friend’ was musically related to ‘Dust In The Wind’ through a similarly harmonious, calm mood, with a somewhat melancholy melody in the verse and the ascent into a still soundscape. The sounds – with sitar sounds and spherical synths from my beloved old PPG Wave 2.2 – underline the peaceful mood of the song,” says Ernst, describing his approach to the musical arrangement of “Unknown Friend”.

“Here, too, it is an invitation to a distant dream world, but here not as a symbol of transience as in ‘Dust In The Wind”, but as the achievement of inner destiny.”

With their sixth single – and thus the third original composition from the upcoming double album “Dual” – Deine Lakaien prove once again why they are still one of the most extraordinary acts in the German music scene after 35 years. Both, their idiosyncratic interpretation of the selected cover songs as well as the accompanying self-conceived tracks, illustrate how songs from very different times and musical genres in the seemingly magical interaction of Alexander Veljanov’s accomplished singing art and Ernst Horn’s wide-ranging ability as a composer and arranger with a preference for immortal melodies and avant-garde extravagances come together harmoniously.

“Unknown Friend” is just another invitation to get involved in the beguiling Deine Lakaien universe, which is perfectly presented on “Dual” (due out: 04/16/2021).

Dirk Hoffmann


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