Second single “Because Of Because”


Second single “Because Of Because”

For over thirty years, the classical composer Ernst Horn and the expressive singer Alexander Veljanov have been a formative part of the international electronic avant-garde and dark wave scene as Deine Lakaien. The album “20 Years of Electronic Avantgarde”, recorded in 2007 together with the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, made it obvious that the musical boundaries are very wide for this unusual duo.

Six years after their last studio album “Crystal Palace” and two years after their two extensive shows of work on the occasion of the band’s 30th anniversary, Deine Lakaien are now opening another exciting chapter that is developing into their most ambitious project to date. Ernst and Alexander have already presented a first appetiser for the new album “Dual” announced for early 2021 with the single “Because The Night”, an idiosyncratic cover version of the 1978 classic composed by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith.

Deine Lakaien, however, do not follow the widespread trend of simply recording an album of cover versions of their favourite songs, but find it much more interesting to accompany each title they have chosen, which they reinterpret in their own way, with an original composition that has a direct thematic reference to the respective cover version.

The Patti Smith classic “Because the Night” is now followed by “Because Of Because” (release 18.12.2020), a wonderfully dreamy number with an acoustic intro that gently prepares the tableau of finely chiselled electronic harmonies, which Ernst’s skilfully woven experimental accents turn into a rhythmically flowing mesh over which Alexander rises with a wistful, dreamy voice to transform the song into spheres typical of Deine Lackeys. While the musical composition of “Because Of Because” functions absolutely independently, Alexander’s lyrics build the bridge to “Because the Night”:

“I based ‘Because of Because’ thematically on the original, i.e. self-determination, a sense of belonging and the energy you can develop together, against the resistance from society, which doesn’t accept certain things you take for granted.”

In the coming months, Deine Lakaien will present two more selected double singles, alternating between cover versions and corresponding original compositions, which will shorten the longer waiting time for the double album “Dual” (release date: 04/16/2021) in a varied way.

(Text: Dirk Hoffmann)


At the same time as the new single, the new lyric video will be launched. You can watch it here: